Dental Office in Longueuil: a healthy environment dedicated to all your family members

Because it is important to offer a friendly environment dedicated to your family, our Dental office in Longueuil has been welcoming you for more than 40 years. Our professional team of 60 experts have the same wish for collaboration and perfectionism of their dental care. We are committed to offer your family members innovative, comfortable & complete dental care.


You and your dentist will work as a team to keep your mouth healthy! If you need dental care, your dentist and dental hygienist will set up a caregiving plan adapted to your needs.

Dr Phuc Huynh

Born in Vietnam and raised in the province of Quebec, Dr Phuc Huynh attended high school and college on the South Shore of Montreal during the 70’s and 80’s. In 1985, Dr Huynh obtained his doctorate of dental medicine at Université de Montréal. Since the beginning of his career, he has always believed that the only way to best serve the population is through continuing education in dental art. He spends his professional time between private office and clinical teaching. Dr Huynh’s favourite areas of practice are joint problems, root canal treatments and functional aesthetics. Dr Huynh has completed post-graduate training in Advanced Functional Aesthetics at the prestigious Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies. Furthermore, he completed a Master program in Temporo Mandibular Dysfunction (TMJ) at the Krems University in Austria.

Nowadays, Dr Huynh is a professor, clinician, and researcher in the Multidisciplinary Dental Academy, and he maintains his private practice at Centre dentaire La Vallée.

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Dr Stéphanie Martimbeau

After receiving a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Anatomy at McGill University, and pursuing post-graduate studies at Johns Hopkins University, Boston University and Massachusetts General Hospital, Dr Stephanie Martimbeau obtained her Doctorate in Dental Medicine at Université de Montréal in 2000. She was awarded the prize of Merit Student by the Association des Chirurgiens Dentistes du Quebec for her community spirit, the Public Health of Dentistry prize for her humanitarian spirit, and the Whitehall Robins prize.

Thereafter, she pursued her studies to complete a specialty in Paediatric Dentistry at Université de Montréal and Ste-Justine Hospital where she obtained her certificate in 2002. She went on to study orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics at the International dental institute where she has been a clinician and teacher and she now performs the same functions for the Multidisciplinary Dental Academy.

She taught in the department of continuing dental education in pediatric dentistry and interceptive orthodontics at the University of Montreal. She also followed a specialized program in interceptive orthodontics for young children, given by Dr Silvano Naretto (Professor at the University Donau in Krems, Austria), and myofunctional therapy at Myofunctional Research School in California. Dr Martimbeau found her vocation in paediatric dentistry and orthodontics where her work philosophy is to offer her patients top quality care and make their visit a pleasant and a memorable one. She keeps herself up-to-date by attending conferences that talk about interceptive and functional orthodontics.

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Dr Daniel Martel

A 1990 graduate of Université de Montréal, Dr Martel has 15 years of experience in general dentistry. During that time he had the chance to work within all the different fields of dentistry. However, in the past few years, he has developed a passion for orthodontics and now focuses only on this specialization. Dr Martel has been a clinician and teacher at the International Dental Institute during eight years and now performs the same functions for the Multidisciplinary Dental Academy. He is certified for the Invisalign technique (invisible orthodontics treatment), is a graduate of the prestigious Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies (practical occlusion and orthodontics) and a graduate of IDEA (Interdisciplinary Dental Education Academy) of San Francisco.

Furthermore, Dr Martel is now a fellow of the International Association for Orthodontics and publishes articles in the International Journal of Orthodontics which is read in several countries.

Away from work, his family is his priority. He and his wife, Sylvie, together with his children Alexandra and Philippe, love to practice outdoor sports such as skiing in various forms (downhill, cross country, nautical), soccer and hockey.

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Dr Marie-Josée Yergeau

A 1995 graduate of the University of Laval in Quebec, Dr Marie-Josée Yergeau’s charisma has made her successful with anxious patients as well as with children, who refer to her as the Annie Brocoli of dentistry. With her meticulous attention to detail, Dr Yergeau’s goal is to offer first quality care and above all treat her patients as she would like to be treated herself. When practicing family dentistry, she puts time and effort into perfecting her competency by pursuing her training in aesthetic dentistry, gum treatments and grafts, root canal treatments, halitosis and snoring problems.

Furthermore, she discovered the many possibilities of laser use in dentistry and is now directing much of her energy towards her new passion. Dr Yergeau has surrounded herself with an exceptional and attentive team who is dynamic and harmonious. She and her team will be pleased to welcome you!

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Dr Magalie Houde

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Dr Geneviève Faubert

She graduated from Université de Montréal in 2007 and is passionate about her work. Moreover, she cares deeply for all her patients. Always smiling, she stands out by her gentleness, her joy of living and her listening.

She wishes to offer quality care and continuously improves her knowledge, especially in endodontics (root canal), removal of wisdom teeth, implantology and pariodontics (gum graft). She offers family dentistry and is specialized in providing care to anxious patients because of her nitrous oxide sedation training.

Dr Faubert’s team will be very happy to meet you and offer you a personalized experience.

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Dr André Nguyen

Graduated from the University of Montreal in 2011, Dr André Nguyen is inspiring, passionate and attentive to details. In order to offer you complete dental care, he chose fixed partial prosthesis during the last year of his doctorate. Immediately after his graduation, he completed a day school in maxillofacial surgery at Parkland Hospital in Dallas, Houston.

Always carrying the desire to increase his knowledge, and to perfect his abilities, Dr Nguyen has decided to pursue his studies by completing the multidisciplinary program of dental medicine at Laval University. During that year, he had the chance to go north of Quebec where he treated the aboriginal people, met a lot of specialists in hospitals, and private environments which allowed him to acquire a deeper knowledge in dentistry. During summer 2012, Dr Nguyen also volunteered in a humanitarian mission as a dentist volunteer in Cambodia.

Having great interest in surgery, Dr Nguyen has completed numerous continued education in gingival and bone grafts, wisdom teeth extractions and implantology (surgical and prosthetic) at the International Dental Institute. Knowing these types of treatments may be worrisome for patients, his goal is to offer these services in a calm and relaxed atmosphere.

Naturally calm and smiling, Dr Nguyen has a patient-based approach. Compassion being his core value, he will make your appointment enjoyable, comfortable and make you smile!

Dr Ève Longchamps

Dr Ève Longchamps graduated from Université de Montréal in 2012. She stands out by her humane approach. She is attentive to detail and cares for the wellbeing of all her patients. She is definitely going to make you feel comfortable. At University, Dr Longchamps had microscopy as her option and now makes it her responsibility to offer quality restorations.

She especially likes family dentistry. She has the ability to offer children or anxious adults treatments under nitrous oxide.

In her personal life, she loves cooking and she dreams of renovating a house someday. Dr Longchamps also rides her bike for several kilometres every year.

Dr Stéphanie Gagnon

Dr Stéphanie Gagnon graduated from Université de Montréal in 2010. She was attributed the professionalism prize as well as the pediatric dentistry excellence prize by the dentistry faculty members. Having always wished to work in health and having a special appeal for children care, she pursued her studies to combine both her passions. Then, in 2013, she finished a three-year program being a pediatric dental resident at Ste-Justine Hospital and doing a Master’s degree at Université de Montréal to obtain the title of Pediatric Dentist. Dr Gagnon did her thesis about autistic children’s oral health which really improved her expertise when it comes to this clientele.

Being a member of The Royal College of Dentists of Canada, Association Canadienne de Dentisterie Pédiatrique, Association des Dentistes Pédiatriques du Québec and of the America Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, she keeps improving on various pediatric dentistry topics in an effort to offer quality dental care.

She is certified for nitrous oxide dental treatments and she was trained for general anaesthesia dental procedures during her residence. Dr Gagnon offers those services for children who need it.

She has a cheerful, patient and understanding nature. Dr Gagnon knows how to take care of her small patients and how to make their visits enjoyable.

Dr Haroldo Paternina Mendez


































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Our environmental engagement

We are committed to reduce the incidence of our daily practice on the environment while observing a severe discipline toward the disposal of waste by placing them in rigid sealed containers, tagged in accordance to the Ministry of Environment. All our suctions are linked to a system that allows the recovery of amalgam and mercury. We are in accordance with the requirements of Environment Canada as our devices are certified ISO 11143. Therefore, there is no toxic waste poured in the city sewers.